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Bring music, visual aid, and fun to the classroom.

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“Exhausted, burned-out, frustrated.”

Is this you?

Therapists lack robust tools

that use

Music Therapy

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They need help creating content, teaching, and tracking the progress of students.

Currently ...

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methods are costly and not efficient.

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Now, therapists will have the tools to streamline their jobs, thus improve the quality of work, and by extension, care for their students.

  • Customization & Tailoring

    Upload your own music and pictures or use ours to customize your content based on your student’s needs.

  • Organization

    Create a curriculum at your own pace to share with one or all of your students.

  • Enhancing Engagement & Interaction

    Bring music, visual aid, and fun to the classroom - grounded in evidence-based methods.

  • Performance Dashboard

    Access to grading software and performance indicators to track your student’s progress until mastery.

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$ 5 / month

$ 15 / 3 months

  • Access to recent bundles

  • 2 active students

  • Unlimited flashcards

  • Basic lesson reports

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$ 10 / month

$ 25 / 3 months • $ 70 / year

  • Access to all bundles

  • 10 active students

  • 10 custom cards per month

  • Online sync and backups

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$ 20 / month

$ 35 / 3 months

  • Unlimited active students

  • Unlimited custom songs

  • Advanced lesson reports

  • Therapist/Parent channels

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JULY 2021

Completion of First MVP

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Pilot Study at Continued User Discovery & Customer Acquisition

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Pilot Study at Bright Future for the Children

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JUNE 2022

Launch & Deployment of Beta Product into Market

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Meet the

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PBC Labs is a diverse team of designers, developers, and engineers interested in creating human-centered design products that help consumers lead happier and healthier lives. As a team with family in the field, we have a personal stake in delivering a quality solution for therapists that work with children with developmental delays. Our combined experience with the help of our clinical consultants makes us the ideal team to conceptualize, design, develop, and implement BLOOMELODY Bloomelody logo outline in your classroom and beyond.